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Easter Events and Costumes for Adults

1347555_easterPersonally, I wouldn’t be caught dead in an Easter Bunny costume, but thank goodness for the kids that there are people who will run around in hot, fuzzy, smelly, poorly ventilated Easter Bunny costumes and other Easter themed costumes for adults.

But What About Adult Parties?

Once you’re done passing out all the little Easter baskets, Easter eggs, peeps and more sugary goodness, it’s time to put the little kiddies to bed and fire up the real party. The adult Easter bash. What? You’ve never heard of the adult Easter bash? Honey, have I got news for you. Have you ever seen a naughty but nice Easter Bunny? I have. (Think playboy bunny in pink.) Ooo-la-la.

There’s More To Easter Customs Than Just Bunnies

If dressing up as a bunny is too blasé there are plenty of other costume ideas: dress up as an Easter egg and fill the costume with crumbled up newspapers for bulk (unless you have your own); a little yellow chick is cute and adorable; even Jesus of Nazareth can be a great costume, but let’s keep it tasteful people.

If you’re tall and lanky, you might be able to pull off going as a tulip; it is spring after all. If you really want to go all out—you could make yourself into an Easter basket! (You’ll be pulling Easter grass out of orifices you never knew you had.)

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