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Hershey’s pennsylvania

HersheyWhat is Hershey's  Pennsylvania?

People love chocolate even adult loves chocolate too. But, the curios thing is what Hershey’s Pennsylvania really is? Hmm.. I guess why it called it Hershey’s Pennsylvania it’s because Pennsylvanian people really love chocolates. Maybe that’s the reason why Milton S. Hershey created the Hershey’s Pennsylvania because people in this country really love chocolate. We know that Milton was the one who started the Hershey’s Company, and this company is the biggest and largest chocolate company in North America.

This famous chocolatier build a town where his employees could live, work and find wholesome recreation for the family. Well, I guess I’m wrong, maybe this was the really mean of Hershey Pennsylvania.

Hershey's Pennsylvania is just like an amusement park, where all chocolate lover are very much welcome to visit and have tour inside the chocolate factory. This is like a chocolate world to all chocolate lovers like me.

This Hershey's Chocolate World is filled with animated characters and special effects. And the good news is, guest can even receive a free chocolate sample. Wow, amazing, I really love chocolates; even it makes my tooth aching. Inside the chocolate world you can also sees some factory works attraction where guest “again” can design and package there own chocolate candies.

There are lots of exciting things to do in the Hershey’s Pennsylvania. You can eat free chocolates, tour; ride in the amusement park and many more. This factory has everything that children or even adult people will enjoy, especially those who are chocolate lover. But, this all things are not enough, there still lot more you need to discover and try.

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