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Top 5 Harrisburg Pennsylvania Restaurant


Food are on the top list of Pennsylvanian people. Know what are the top restaurant in this country.

Stocks on second – this restaurant serve new American cuisine. Here you will experience a classy vibe and lovely food that will surely give everyone’s a great impression. They also have an elaborated menu in the whole town.

Bricco – This restaurant serves a Mediterranean cuisine. This restaurant has the best tastes of Greece, Italy southern France and Spain. They also use a local farmer’s ingredient for their dishes. And the best prepared meals in the central Pennsylvania.

Rose’s Vietnamese – this is just a small and casual-looking restaurant and ensconced in a small strip small. They serve also a stunning delicious Vietnamese fare. And they have a friendly, attentive service from their stuff.

Firehouse restaurant – this has an attractive fun atmosphere and funky furnishings. They offered also a great food and good fun which is set in an renovated fire station and a firehouse theme decorations. They serve an American cuisine with some traditional dishes also.

Café fresco – this is a trendy restaurant that offers a great selection of breakfast items and lunch fare. They also serve a quick delicious and quick food that suit for those hungry and on the move.

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